A heartbeat felt around the world

Meditation means: getting familiar with.

With what? With yourself. Your state. Your thoughts. Your awareness. How you ‘do’ yourself. And when you start meditating it is hard to keep your awareness focused on the breath.

Have you ever tried it?

Then probably you’ve also experienced that your mind wanders very quickly, and thoughts come and go. All kinds of sensations in your body and distractions take place at the same time. The whole time. Even more so when you start meditating or when you do a breathing exercise.

Do you know why?

Because breathing is natural. We just do it and don’t notice it. It happens. But what you may not know yet, is that you are also able to use your breath to gain coherence. To calm down and influence your autonomic nervous system.

Your what? 🙂
Ok. forget it for now. In a next blog we’ll write more about this. Promised.

But do remember: the art of meditating or a guided and focused breathing exercise is to let your thoughts, sensations and feelings flow, because this will help you get familiar with yourself. When doing it more and more, it will get easier. That’s why we integrated a breathing exercise within our heartcore calls, because we believe that right now, at this moment we need this the most: coherence. And this exercise an important part of gaining group coherence and from a coherent state start engaging and sharing reflections.You’ll notice that you instantly tune into another frequency. The frequency of the heart.

Let’s zoom into one of our Heartcore calls

The call for all hearts to gather on a Heartcore Wisdom Call was answered by a group of beautiful people from Germany to Peru, from Italy to the Netherlands. Most of them knew each other from the EMC program at INSEAD, and others met each other for the first time in the session. But they all came together to connect, reflect and try to transform their inner being into a coherent state. 

Using the power of a collective balanced breathing exercise to gain coherence, we connected deeply, we shared how we truly felt and what we are finding is really important for us in these uncertain times. The stories were personal and the support for each other heartfelt. From the center of the Italian Corona pandemic to the personal experience of probably being infected by the Corona-virus; every story shared taught us something precious and was met with genuine compassion. 

This Heartcore Wisdom session was a sign that we do need this type of connection, communication and coherence in these unprecedented times of crisis. We may not have an answer to all the questions, but we can hold a space for a wide variety of experiences, emotions and stories.

And together, we keep on breathing.