Calling all Hearts! Go to the core!

How are you? Zoom in: how do you really feel? How is everything that is happening affecting you? Zoom out: how are you experiencing the world and what the future may hold? How are you dealing with different emotional stages like fear and uncertainty? With not knowing, or maybe the opposite: the information overload? With trying to stay calm in the midst of chaos?

Last Monday, I organized the first online gathering for my THNK School of Leadership Tribe. The day after, a second one with worldwide participants from the INSEAD EMC class, thanks to my Spartan Buddy (later more about that:) Els Boonacker. What we learned was that, right now, there is such a deep desire to connect, spark open-minded conversation and unite. Because this was such a great success and resonated so deeply with the participants, these sessions will be part of Heartcore going forward!

Claim your day!

Are you also in need of a Heartcore session? Do you want to find a space where you can open your heart to whatever is necessary for you at this moment? Where you can share and connect with others? Heartcore is opening up the possibility to host and facilitate these sessions for free, and you can claim your spot! The only thing you need to do is to find a group of like-minded Hearts that you want to connect with online in an unconventional way <3 = the Heartcore way. 

We feel that we have a responsibility as mBIT Coach, Master Coach & Trainer, to entrain the world around us in creating greater consciousness in how individuals, teams and organisations ‘do themselves’. We feel the need to help others connect and reflect, to talk about how we deal with what’s happening in the world and what’s happening within yourself. To help you transfer from a frustration mood to a coherent state and make sure your mind, body and soul stay healthy and ready for whatever is coming. Because this is the real deal and at the core of our Heartcore-Lab values.

Claim your spot: Heartcore sessions can be scheduled every weekday at 5PM. Send an e-mail to:

Wondering what it could be like? Stay tuned for our teaser!