Case: How we helped WeGoEU tell their story

When beginning a new project, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the possibilities that it presents. You have a huge, exciting message you want to share with the world (internal or external) but where to begin? This is the challenge that was brought to us by KPN as they looked to launch a B2B site for their new joint venture WeGoEU.

WeGoEU is a joint venture between KPN and The Sunway Group. The WeChat Go Europe mini program aims to better connect Chinese travellers and European merchants, creating a more open environment for all involved. For merchants, WeChat Go enables them to do business with consumers by providing them with a mini program, breaking down the language barrier and gives Chinese travellers the means to pay the merchant via WeChat Pay.

What do you want to share with the world and how?

WeGoEU has a fantastic offer, allowing both travellers and merchants to enjoy hassle-free payments, translation and access to information. However, WeGoEU is made up of several elements and it’s important that potential businesses understand the benefits WeGoEU provides, what they’re signing up for and have an understanding of the different components of the business.

To really understand the WeGoEU team’s aims, passions and needs and in order to build a creative communication strategy and approach, we hosted two creative sessions at Heartcore-Lab. These sessions involved in all parties creating a storyline and defining an end goal: building a website and a full branding rollout for WeGoEU.

We knew that we needed some help with design and coding aspects of creating a site for WeGoEU, so we reached out to Amsterdam creative agency BERT to ask if they’d like to collaborate on the process. Luckily for us, they were more than happy, and we began the process together.

In-sync Storytelling

We discussed different options with BERT, experimenting with different layouts, colour schemes and ideas and trying to set the story out in an effective manner. To tell WeGoEU’s story effectively, the copy and the design needed to be perfectly in-line with each other and built a layout and storyline together.

We opted to use the tagline ‘Be discovered by the world’, boldly outlining the value WeGoEU offers to merchants immediately. This set the tone for the site’s content, as we opted to use simple, punchy text to set out WeGoEU’s stall, demonstrating how the organisation’s offer aided merchants with translation, payment, information and connectivity.

The tone of the site was reflected in the imagery created, with BERT creating attractive, bold icons to underline the different aspects of the WeGoEU offer and quickly present the value they added to a prospective organisation’s offer. Across the site, we continued to work with vibrant imagery, easy-to-understand headlines and streamlined copy, ensuring potential clients will be able to understand WeGoEU.

To give potential business partners a useful document to read when considering working with WeGoEU, we worked with BERT to create a downloadable document, acting as a two-page outline of the program and giving them all the information they’d need to present WeGoEU to their peers.

The result

The combination of our communication approach and storytelling narrative, BERT’s design knowhow and WeGoEU’s unique offer created a special and characterful site, clearly demonstrating a fantastic offer in a streamlined, attractive fashion.

Keep an eye out to see where the project takes Heartcore-Lab and WeGoEU in the future! See the WeGoEU website here.