Heartcore Warrior: Els Boonacker

“Sometimes what you’re looking for, comes when you are not looking at all” – unknown

Spring 2019. I got introduced to Els. And as soon I started talking about workouts, we discovered we were both passionate about challenging ourselves in sports. I asked her to join an upcoming Spartan race in the Amsterdam Arena.

Do know this. 99,99% of the time that I ask people, they refuse. But this crazy one said yes.

The next thing we did was exchange texts saying “let’s just fucking do it” and participate in the Amsterdam Spartan Obstacle Course Race. It set the tone for a bond that has evolved and deepened since, in which we can both enoy stepping into the unknown and seeing where experimentation brings us. 

In between working out together from bouldering to monkey bars (and the occasional cocktail bar in Amsterdam), we discovered that professionally we also shared many things. Although Els comes from a different perspective and background, we both work in helping organisations manifest change. And Els connected deeply in essence with the core of Heartcore-Lab: bringing the heart back in business. Els shares my energy to make that change happen. The courageous and creative mindset to bring people into motion. Not just by inspiring and talking the talk, but also by overcoming the obstacles and walking the walk. Doing the real deal: the Heart Work.

So, when I wasn’t looking at all, I bumped into this Tribe member. Els stepped into a journey of discovery with Heartcore, which naturally led to her commitment to the Tribe. We learned that working together is very complementary and that our energy multiplies. She shares the Heartcore values and we complement each other in skills.

The Tribe is starting to grow with likeminded heartcore-souls. Els is one of those who will definitely makes a huge change in Heartcore going forward as a brand that is here to inspire and manifest change, not matter the topic, challenge or question.

A badass welcome to our first Heartcore Warrior Els! Now officially part of the growing Heartcore-Tribe.

Let’s create more awesome opportunities together.