FridayLab videocast #4 with Bruce Cryer on why the Heart Matters in Business & Life

Bruce Cryer was nominated by Wilbert Molenaar. In our video/podcast we talk widely about why the heart matters in business and life.

While Bart and I were still babies and playing around:), Bruce has spent more than thirty years training and coaching innovative approaches to maximising health and human performance. He was named President and CEO of HeartMath in 2000, having helped launch the non-profit institute of Heartmath together with founder Doc Childre in 1991. Which more people in the Netherlands should know of. Heartmath also came to life in the Benelux with the help of Bruce!

Bruce is the co-author of one of the first management books to draw a research link between stress/resilience and leadership performing in his seminal book ‘From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance.

Because of his personal and professional journey he founded the ‘Renaissance Human’. Renaissance Human is a new movement to activate the creative spark that lies within each human being.

I’m quoting a short text from his website Renaissance Human:

“Today’s renaissance humans are the embodiment of a new profound appreciation of the magnificent potential of human consciousness to create a new world, rising like a phoenix out of a dying world created — unwittingly — by our predecessors and ancestors. These new renaissance humans represent a revolution that is bringing technology, creativity, and heart together in the name of our deepest soul fulfillment and the next stage of evolution for humanity and for our planet.

Like wow. Bruce came for us at the right moment. A deeply profound talk from the heart that felt like an initiation with wisdom that we inherently understand. For years I (Agavni) am already following bright minds like Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton. Now we know of Bruce Cryer too and that he belongs in this list of marvellous people that did deep & scientific research about the heart mind connection and they are the ones bringing change to millions of people. We truly believe this work is interconnected and so needed in our current society. This marvellous list of people (and there are many more who belong in this list, known and unknown) guide individuals, teams and organisations how to transform and are able to show ánd integrate a way of doing how not to be a victim of your circumstances. For us, this field of adaptive and generative leadership and renewed wisdom is growing and becoming the ‘new normal’. People like Bruce demystify these topcis for a broader audience making the uncommon, common.

After this talk we even feel more connecting to this: choosing love, compassion and allowing this true wisdom to shine through in our daily acts is something we all should step into. Let’s be brave together and make a real change to lead from the heart, with gut based instinct and head based intellect. One day love wins. Until that time every act of love and compassion is adding up to the positive movement we’re on. And talking and opening up about all of this, is what we need right now.

Wanna know more? Check our 4th videocast on Youtube! You don’t wanna miss this.

A big thanks to Wilbert Molenaar for introducing us to this amazing Renaissance Human: Bruce Cryer. And many thanks to Bruce for joining our 4th podcast and sharing your bright and magnificent views on why the heart matters and inspiring us with even more confidence to keep on going forward in unleashing, creating and riding the movement of the Heart. <3

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Agavni Jessaijan is a mBIT* Master Coach & Trainer, and owner of creative agency Heartcore-Lab focusing on organisational and cultural change with its mission to put the Heart Back in Business. And together with the growing Heartcore-Tribe manifesting crazy ideas.

Bart Verbunt is a mBIT* & NLP coach and trainer working on his first venture called Creative Life Design, helping individuals tap into their full potential. Bart is part of the Heartcore-Tribe and a true co-creator for the FridayLab video/podcast series.

*mBIT is a suite of tools and techniques for communicating with, integrating and harnessing the power of your multiple brains Head, Heart and Gut brains. How to harness the intelligences of your multiple brains through the process of ‘mBraining’.