Meet the Heartcore-Tribe. Our inner core network and badass professionals with a proven trackrecord. We all aim to manifest change from different perspectives, mostly in an organisational context. What connects us is the need to create unlimited opportunities and to integrate change in a sustainable and creative way. We are manifesting the future of work. Not scared of the in between, chaos or the unknown. It’s all part of the journey.

Our Heartcore Warriors are the ones who we collaborate intensively with. We co-create programs, we deliver beautiful creative work and we manifest change together.

The rest of the Tribe is the more flexible part of Heartcore, but really our inner core. They are the agencies and professionals we continuously re-hire again to step into a specific need or ask because they are the ones we want to work with and deliver value in a way that totally fit our Heartcore values.

Next to this we aim too manifest a community of change makers, change agents and rebellious creatives to inspire each other, to make sure professionals will find each other through community building. We also hope these people in Change will gain inspiration and add up to the Heartcore mission: bringing the heart back in business.

Ambitious? Yes.
Possible? Hell yeah.