Heartcore Warrior: Bruce Cryer

Bruce is so unbelievably Heartcore, because of his incredible amount of experience in matters of the Heart! As the former CEO of The Heartmath Institute, having helped launch the non-profit institute of Heartmath with founder Doc Childre in 1991, Bruce truly knows what he’s talking about. Also in relation to transformational change in the corporate field from a heart-perspective.

We met during one of Heartcore’s first FridayLab podcasts and I immediately felt a strong connection. Over the last couple of months we stayed connected via social media. Sometimes you just know. It is the energy, it’s the presence, it’s the wisdom: yes, it’s magic. That is what Bruce brings to the surface. It is my pleasure to announce that Bruce has joined the Heartcore-Tribe! All he does is so interrelated with our Heartcore mission in bringing the Heart back in business…ánd more! No need to explain why we are a perfect fit to collaborate from now on.

Bruce is everywhere. You’ll find him guiding people with his own company Renaissance Human: a movement to activate the creative spark that lies within each human being. He is a renowned speaker and frequently asked guest in podcasts. Currently working as President at The Graduate Institute for Holistic Studies in Connecticut, USA and still closely connected to the Heartmath Institute.

Bruce spent more than thirty years training and coaching in innovative approaches to maximising health and human performance. He is co-author of one of the first management books to draw a research link between stress/resilience and leadership performance in his seminal book ‘From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance. He is also co-author of this article on HBR: “Pull the plug on stress”, which is still so relevant today, even though it was published some years ago.

A very vibrant fact is that his professional career began as a singer, dancer and actor on Broadway, including 800! performances in New York, playing The Boy in The Fantastics; the world’s longest running musical.

He has worked with dozens of corporations, health systems and government agencies across the US, and since 1997 he has been adjunct faculty at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, as wel as Stanford’s School of Medicine. 

So, we welcome Bruce from the depth of our Heart! On to badass global collaborations, spreading more love, joy and pure matters of the Heart in business ánd in life!