Heartprojects embody an exchange in energy

I always say: ‘money is energy and you can exchange energy in the form of money’. But sometimes you don’t want use the form of money to exchange things.

So, I call them my Heartprojects.

Heartprojects that I’ll do effortless. That I just do because I feel like doing it. Or because someone is in need for it and can’t do it themselves.

One of my heartprojects is: www.anissavandergeest.nl

About one of my dearest colleagues and meanwhile dear friend: Anissa. The moment that she knew she had breast cancer and we started to talk about it about how to deal with this awful happening, I shared my thoughts about the possibilities of writing down her journey.

I’m pro writing and journaling on a daily base. I do it from a young age, skipped some years, but then came back to writing again. It’s one of the most effective ways to put your thoughts on paper, to get things out of our head, to reflect, to contemplate and to learn about yourself when you are able to read it back once in a while. 

So, we’ve discussed several options and came to the conclusion that her very own website would be a nice place to start blogging. Even how scary that sounded at that time.

And so I created a very simple but clean WordPress website for her. A place where she could be open about her journey and to share her story. She’s an example for other woman. Strong in the first place. Mentally and physically. She shares how difficult things are. And she shares the most simple things about life, that make you wonder about how we take a lot and maybe just everything for granted.


Just think of that for a moment. What do you take for granted every day?


There was a time I, a long time ago, that someone showed up on my path at the right moment, at the right time, at the right place.

It wasn’t my prince on the white horse. I already have one 😉

It was a teacher. A mentor. A coach. A therapist. All in one. She offered me help in the form of talks, exploration, healing and journeys. She helped me effortless. I didn’t had any money. Could not afford her. At that time the world felt like Atlas, the God Who Carried “The Weight of the World” on his shoulders. And she saw it. Very clearly.

Back then we’ve made a deal. She would help me for just one thing in return: that when I am in the situation that I can afford things and that I’m able to give someone else help, effortless, I would do it. It’s a universal contract between us. And it felt good.

That’s why I believe in #heartprojects

One at a time.