Mastery: Be defined by a vision of the future

“…Rather than a memory of the past” – Joe Dispenza

I’m guiding individuals, teams and departments to be defined by a vision of the future. Why? Because I’ve experienced this myself that it works big time and I’ve made it my mission in life to help others experience the joy of doing this. And it’s strong stuff. This is how I’ve manifested ideas and goals in my life. Personally and business wise. My latest endeavour came to life too by being defined by my vision of that future. And it’s live and kicking now.

These days we have so much choice. There is soooo much out there. We feel chaos, not knowing where to start, don’t have the courage to open up a conversation or go complete blank. That happens to all of us. In Work and Life. I’ve experienced this many times too and I find it quite normal. But somehow I knew how to get out of that ‘being stuck’ and looking back i’ve discovered some traits that are actually proven by several ‘ real and self proclaimed guru’s’ and by the latest scientific discoveries. This is why I share this and why I want you here in the Lab.

Latest scientific research shows that we have multiple brains (did you’ve read my previous blog? Go do it now🙂 There is intelligence we can tap into if we know how. We have a Head, Heart and Gut brain. And when you know how they communicatie and how you can ‘target’ them, your life will change instantly. Science is now catching up to what ancient wisdoms already inherent know for centuries. Our current civilization needs ‘proof’ from science to be able to believe this.

I don’t.

I have an inner knowing that instantly connected with this wisdom when I’d read about this the first time and that’s one of the reasons I’ve become a certified mBIT Master Coach. I’ve read from several sources that there is a connection between our heart and mind and mind and gut. I do follow Joe Dispenza for years already and I love to listen to his wisdom.

But when I came across mBraining I did got goosebumps, because it felt like truth to me. Grant Soosalu, founder of mBraining, devoted many years of his life to dig deep into scientific research and with that came a solid understanding and a vibrant new method to be able to align, understand and integrate our multiple brains in our daily lives. It’s called: Multiple Brain Integration Technique (mBIT). 

Well, of course they’re already integrated in our body. But it’s wisdom not yet.

Deeper levels of learning: “Through learning we re-create ourselves. Through learning we become able to do something we never are able to do. Through learning we re-percieve the world and our relationship to it. Through learning we extend our capacity to create, to be part of the generative process of life.” – Peter Senge

Why is mBIT for me a part of how to be defined by a vision of the future? Because it’s about connection and coherence. To yourself and your surroundings. It’s about people. Every situation. Every organisation. The context could be different. But we always find people in a diversity of contexts. And knowing what the fuck happens in ourselves and how to deal with it is something truly profound, because on the average we know so little about our bodies, our minds and how we do ourselves consciously and unconsciously, left alone find a way how to thrive in life in this era of exponential change and information overload.

In any case. There are ‘things/feelings/emotions/situations’ that hold us back. Holding us back from doing good. From make choices. To follow and experience flow. To understand truly what our needs are. To really speak our heart out. To have the guts to take a giant leap. What we truly wish for. What we deeply feel. To be able to change. And to know what we really want to do in life.

What’s missing? Alignment? Understanding? Experience?

Yes, it starts with understanding. And a solid knowing of how to center yourself and be able to be responsive in life rather that reacting to the format you’re in. Your body always knows the truth and never lies. That’s what I’ve learned already 6 years ago during my Leadership Embodiment training. The body is the first to respond to anything that comes to your awareness. But to truly understand what’s happening inside you, experience is the next step.

When buddhists talk about the mind they point to their heartspace. Think a moment about that in relation what you’ve read until now.

Change always starts with the individual. I can’t change anyone and I won’t try either. I can only facilitate and inspire change by opening up the conversation about the many possibilities we have and progress in the direction whats truly is of value for you. How you want to work and live your life.

My organisational work relies on this. For me it’s not about change solely, because that’s what already will happen naturally. The real value lies in navigating through our contexts with a clear understanding about progress including the understanding and inner knowing that serendipity, sychonicity and flow-states are also part of the deal. If done right:)

“The universe had your back. Always.” – the unknown

So back to Mastery and the why you should be defined by a vision of your future.

Because why wouldn’t you? In what ‘mode’ do you live your life? On autopilot? Co-pilot? How aware are you?

For several years I’m able to inspire others how to navigate through the chaos of the mind and daily situations. By becoming a mBIT Master Coach I know that there’s more to the surface of one’s mind. I’ll leave out the details:) and explain that in another blog. Because I’m on a mission to inspire & manifest change even more, I know deeply it starts within myself first. Then you, then others. Step by step we are able to change and transform stuff in ourselves. To tap into the world of unlimited possibilities and opportunities. And to be defined by a vision of the future, rather than a memory of the past. It’s kind of that easy.

Not only for the individual.

Being famous is ok. But you still need to work for it 🙂 Are you willing to do that?

How would it be if your company, your team, your department would be defined by a vision of the future? How would you feel and relate to that vision and not only one sentence with a vision statement. How would this affect your daily life. And how would it be for you to be defined by your own vision of the future? Don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’m going unleash a wave on this topic, because there are many ways to create your vision of the future. No matter the context. And I’m loving it. Every time again. To see the badass change in peoples WorkLife.

If you want change. Call me.