mBIT Training: 21-24 September 2020 | EN

The heart leads. Always. That’s why mBIT is so Heartcore. And the great thing is, everyone is already doing mBIT, it’s just subconscious. As soon as you learn to see and experience it within yourself, you will recognise it in others and you will be able to lead others through the mBIT methodology. You can no longer NOT see it when you step into mBIT. A wealth of knowledge and often a feast of recognition and crazy “aha” moments will definitely occur during this training.

“Use your Multiple Brains to do Cool stuff”

Multiple Brain Integration Technique 
mBIT is a suite of tools and techniques for communicating with, integrating and harnessing the power of your multiple brains: Head, Heart and Gut brains. – mbraining.com

Do you already know that you have multiple brains? That you have a head, heart and gutbrain? Do you also want to learn how to align your different brains to make the right decisions? Are you a coach and looking for a method that complements your current skillset? Do you want to guide other people to how they can use their own innate wisdom? mBIT is for everyone. Whether you are already a seasoned coach or not, or want to learn to use this for yourself as part of your personal and business journey, it does not matter. The essence is that you gain in-depth knowledge of how you use your multiple brains to reach ultimate inner wisdom, make the right decisions and gain deep insights. This is an international certification that enables you to work via this method within your scope of practice and to guide people on the journey called mBIT.

mBIT connects ancient wisdom traditions with behavioral modeling and recent and in-depth research from neuroscience. This is what makes it so incredibly cool to work with it. You can use mBraining as an entrepreneur, coach, manager, trainer, mentor, teacher or simply for your own personal and business development. As an mBIT coach you will also become part of a fast-growing worldwide network that is making real impact with this cool methodology. Are you curious about how you could use this within your scope of practice? Sign up now!

How to harness the intelligences of your multiple brains through the process of ‘mBraining’. – mbraining.com

4 day mBIT Coach training | International Certification 
Price: €1.395,- excl. 21% VAT  
Excluding price for stay/hotel/B&B and flights/travels/breakfast/dinners.
Including 4 days of service with coffee, tea, sweets and tasty lunches.

*This training will be given in English
*This training will continue with the registration of at least 2 participants
*Maximum of 6 participants to facilitate an intimate journey and in relation to the COVID19 restrictions.

What you’ll learn during this training

  • How the founders came to mBIT and what the connection is with ancient wisdom traditions
  • Theoretical framework
  • The primary functions and competencies of each brain
  • How you communicate with your multiple brains and how to align them
  • Deep knowledge and techniques to regulate your autonomic nervous system
  • The language of every brain
  • mBIT balanced breathing methodology and how this enables you to do the mBraining process in a good way
  • How you can guide people during their mBIT journey and how you can resolve conflicts between the brains
  • The mBIT Roadmap
  • And so much more 

Register now by sending an e-mail to info@heartcore-lab.nl