Bootcamping my way into THNK School of Creative Leadership

This post is in English because I would love that my fellow THNK’ers can read this too;)


It all started during a bootcamp training session @Westerpark Amsterdam a few years ago. With a bunch of ladies every thursday evening our trainer would work us so hard he’d  make us cry. On this particular evening, he asked us to run long hillsprints. Just to give you a clear picture: I hate running and I’m freaking bad at it. So when he asked me I made a deal with him. Whenever the group would do the run, I would practice my double unders.

And so I did. That gave me the opportunity to look around a bit. I quickly noticed that something interesting was  happening in the amazing building in front of me. The window stated: School of Creative Leadership. Curious as I am, my attention was drawn.

I saw people working, creating, presenting and just sitting in at cool open atmosphere. I became intrigued by this activity happening , next to my training. Sometimes food was brought in and we, ‘hungry & exhausted’  bootcampers, made jokes. Because hey, seeing or smelling food while you’re training is really a no-go.

So I looked up online. I immediately thought “How cool would it be to do something like this?” But I instantly felt I had zero chance to be accepted. Because how innovative or socially entrepreneurial am I?

The answer was: not very.

Fast forward to the end of 2015, I found myself working in innovative and rapidly changing environments. To help me adapt I started looking for a program that had nothing to do with my current communication background. I really wanted to step out of my comfort zone, and learn something different. I was searching and searching until suddenly I remembered THNK. By then I didn’t go to bootcamp anymore, I looked it up and saw that there was a creative leadership program starting the following March! It was already January 2016!

Without thinking I sent out an e-mail with a request for information and in an eye wink I’d received a response: “you have the profile we look for! Let’s make an appointment!”

One talk later and a few days waiting I was accepted in the program!

This was crazy! It went so fast. I was full of doubt and kept thinking,: what  the hell am I going to do now? But I totally went for it. Paid the enormous crazy amount which was nothing crazy compared to the journey that I was about to step into.

Only great things can grow from mud. If you want to know what I’m talking about. Continue reading in my next blog about my creative leadership journey.