“As long as you’re energetically aligned to that possibility, and if you can sustain that state of being with your eyes open in your waking day, you should start seeing feedback in your life. Now you’re no longer victimized by your past, you’re creating a new future.” – Joe Dispenza

When I started my THNK School of Creative Leadership journey they’ve asked everyone to send their own personal quote. This was mine and it still is:

“Everything is possible, but you have to believe it.”

And we all know the famous quote: “First see it, then believe it”. But this quote needs a reframe, rewrite and you need to rethink this through for yourself. Because if we are all waiting for things to manifest, what happens in the in between? That liminal phase?

Isn’t it so that if we vote for our political parties, that we believe them upfront of the true manifestation of their intentions, their ideas, their programs for society. Isn’t it so that you vote on a party or certain person because you believe they will do the things you believe in too? That they somehow are on your frequency?

Yeah right?

So why is it that we forget to trust the people at our daily playgrounds? Our workspace. That we endlessly discuss, fight, flight or freeze when it comes to change at the workplace. No matter what that change is.

Why do we find it hard to do that. To overcome ourselves. To deal with the unknown? To trust the leaders in the organisation? And to stop questioning their intentions or decisions? I dont say that questioning things is not ok. But there is a level of compassionate and curious questioning and a level of asking stupid questions or assuming things that are not true. You probably know the difference.

“Shit questions give shit answers” – The Holy Bible by Paulina Larocca

Maybe we all can learn from books like this.

And maybe you are right. We all hear colleagues say: ‘The leaders aren’t leaders. They don’t include the organisation upfront on decision-making, they don’t communicate well, they don’t do: [fill in].” While reading this, you probably have a tons of examples in your mind.

And it is all true. And not true at the same time. We all see through different lenses based on how we are living our (work)lives, how we have learned stuff, experiences that formed us and how we act in life, look at life or people, or how we make decisions in the present moment. Unfortunately no one is able to fully see the entire elephant, so we are all acting towards our own version of the truth. And that is ok, but as we also learn from a method called Deep Democracy that the way we respond is very important. Left alone how much is said and unsaid in dealing with interactions.

So, here is a question for you:

How could you believe in a future possibility at work that you are part of, disregarding the current craziness, daily happenings, your current perceptions and beliefs about your organisation?

Think it through for a moment.

Isn’t it so, that it first starts within? That you need to question yourself? Your habits, beliefs, perceptions and attitude in relation to your work? Why you do yourself the way you do? And maybe how to change from within?

Joe Dispenza gives us this opportunity:

“When the brain and the heart are in coherence, it creates the equivalent to a very strong, very coherent Wi-Fi signal. This allows you to connect to new possibilities that already exist in the unified field.”

“If you want to create a new future and be defined by that future, then you would have to keep your mind on that future, and you would have to teach your body to emotionally experience that future before it happens. If you can keep refining your vision—keep remembering it, keep thinking about it, and keep holding your attention on it—if you can truly feel the emotions of it, you’re engaged in the conditioning process. The only difference is now you’re conditioning your body to subconsciously be emotionally connected to a new future. So that’s the thought and the feeling, the stimulus and the response, the vision and the emotion which is conditioning the body into the future, instead of the past.”

Would this be a way for you to start believing in a possible future? Or that if the leaders of your organization present a new vision or strategic direction that you first do some inner work? To imagine from a kind of childish curiosity how that vision relates to your current job and responsibilities? And how things could unfold or emerge out of that transformation? But also that you then find questions that spark creative conversations about that vision or strategic direction. Not to forget that the leaders within the organisations need to embrace time, effort and heart to engage in these conversations or better, facilitate it. It works both ways, don’t you agree?

How much space do you create in your organisation to engage on transformational topics?

I believe that, in regarding to the new digital cultures we are all creating as we speak due to a worldwide pandemic as corona, we need to add and integrate a significant different manner to be able to truly, deeply and really connect from within to the organisational vision of transformation.

Change is never-ending. So how will you deal with it for the sake of your own vitality? How could you be more adaptive and generative in the field of organisational transformation? Whether it is digital or not. Whether you are a leader or not. And how do you inspire others to join you?

The Heartcore way forward is focused on Heart-centered leadership integrated with creative Head based intellect and Gut based action. To create from a field of organisational alignment and overall coherence. That’s why a part of our programs is to create vision boards of a possible future and we always coach on the importance of communication and how to do this in a badass way, totally aligned with your core values.

So now Fearlessly asking you: Hello, what do you want? Alles of Alles?
Are you in for badass change? Tailor-made programs for your leadershipteam, department or organisation? What kind of future do you want to envision, feel and manifest? One thing is certain: The Future Will Be Different! We’re on it.

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