Wake-up to your true potential

Ok peeps. This is quite a personal blog with a business going forward edge. So there are two items that I’m sharing: manifesting a creative Heartcore-Tribe and opening up on my motivational and generative coaching on how to design your future doing and to thrive in your life. 

As from this year 2019 I’m acting truly on what my gut feeling is saying, what my heart feels and what my mind creatively is showing me. Non-stop. But I’m in control. Not that I didn’t do that before, but I’ve gained consciousness on another level. Last year, I’ve learned through mBraining how to tap into my Highest Expressions and to stay coherent. Last year this joyful method, founded by Grant Soosalu and teached to me by Wilbert Molenaar, helped me to decide to change the route of Heartcore-Lab. 

I’ve decided to not scale my Heartcore-team and to let my employees go, because I believe that the way I wish to create impact for my clients could be achieved in another way. That’s why I’m creating a Heartcore-Tribe of freelance professionals. Globally. To collaborate with other freelance professionals and inspiring agencies on amazing projects.

Why? Because I’m in for more of you, more participation, more shared inspiration, more joining forces, more creative ideas and more combined action to create faster and bigger impact for my (and our) clients. And just to have more fun along the way:)

And you can be part of it!

Just call me. Or send an e-mail to raf@heartcore-lab.nl and let me know why you should be part of the Heartcore-Tribe.

Actually this idea is not new, but I just never took the time to manifest it. But the time is now and yes this is part of me doing my work with Heartcore-Lab.

About waking-up to my own potential: I need to create in many forms

I’m guiding organisations, departments, individuals and groups to reach their untapped potential in all its creative and unknown forms. And it’s all about change, waking up to your own highest expressions and knowing how to do that.

For several years I’ve changed my own game being an entrepreneur. It’s an honour to be asked to work at a transformation project and create positive change, or to redesign the entire internal communication flow in an organisation. Acting on my own creative potential and accepting that everything changes and nothing lasts forever so I’d rather keep on creating. Although I believe in multiple lives, this is the one I’m experiencing consciously. Being awake and open minded helps me to investigate and to see the other side of the hill too. To explore new opportunities and to meet new bright souls who could be part of my way forward. I choose not to conform to the craziness of people saying how we or I should work.

I’ve learned that a multiple venture lifestyle from heart is my soul purpose. It’s my true calling and potential to create in all its forms and to do good in different ways. To use all my talents. To manifest and fulfil my dreams, not only for myself but also to lead others to do the same. 

Did you ever tried to prototye your fears? Ok world, here’s mine. During THNK this was one of the assignments, and only because of the conversation and reflection after it I understood that not using all my talents would end me up like this crazy prototype: unhappy and stuck.

We always have a choice:))

I know what works for me and what doesn’t. And what happened naturally in the last years is that people asked me how to do that too. That thing that I’m doing. Manifesting. Creating. Change. I feel joy in guiding others, to break things open, to show you many possibilities in your own creative skills and ideas. So that’s why I’ve became a certified mBIT coach. In another blog I will explain extensively what it’s all about.

Two of my motto’s: life is one big experiment and anything is possible.

Yes, I’m a creative being, compassionate about my work and courageous enough to do different things and to surprise myself and others I work with.

So, two things.

  1. If you’re hungry to learn. Eager to understand. Willing to step out your comfortzone. You’ve found your spot. You can be coached or mentored by me. Or join one of my scheduled meetups.
  2. Wanna be part of the Heartcore-Tribe? Call me. And let me know why we should work together.

Oh and 3, let’s have a coffee